Gran Milk Strong

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Universal product, designed for cleaning gastronomic and sanitary devices.
Excellently removes stubborn dirt, hardened grease, sediments and mould.
Product is safe for skin and environment.
May be used in households or industry.

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– discoloured elements: enamelled, AGD cases, plastic window frames and kitchenware
– ceramic sanitary facilities, limescale and descoloured glaze, bathroom sinks, stains, dripstone


Before using, read product’s safety data sheet.
Product is ready to use without diluting.
Spread it directly on the surface with the help of some cloth, brush it until you get the expected effect, wash it down with water and wipe it until it’s dry.

Warning: May scratch delicate surfaces, so it is advised to test it beforehand.
If scratches happen, polish the surface with GRAN MILK product.

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