Kärcher Push sweeper S 550

With S 550 sweeper is easy to keep it clean in driveway, patio or sidewalk and road. Cleaning five times faster than with a broom and dust pan.



SC 550 is an efficient, thorough and friendly sweeper. Cleaning five times faster than with a broom and dust pan, as well as dust and dirt will not blow away again. It has a working width of 550 mm, and delivers impeccable cleaning of large surfaces. The unit is ideal for areas of 30 m² or more. With side brush you’re going right up to edges and corners. Waste like leaves and gravel is drawn directly into the hopper of 16 liters. It is easy to remove and empty without coming into contact with the dirt. The sweeper has handles with 4-way height adjustment for perfect customized working height. It can be folded down so that the sweeper takes up little space when stored.

Features and Benefits

S 550: One side brush

One side brush

The long bristles on the side brush ensures thorough cleaning also at the edges.

S 550: Practical sweep container

Practical sweep container

Practical waste container which the waste is drawn directly into the container, which can easily be removed and emptied.

S 550: Space saving storage

Space saving storage

With its fold-down push handles can sweeper stored upright and take up little space.

Adjustable push handles
  • The handle is height adjustable (extendable with two angle adjustments), and makes sweeping easy for the back.
Freestanding dirt and waste container.
  • Easy to take out and is designed so that it can be put down safely.
Convenient and comfortable carrying handle
  • The sweeper is easy to transport


Technical data

Working width with side brush (mm) 550
Theoretical capacity (m² / h) 1600
Weight (kg) 11
Tank capacity (l) 16
Recommended for areas greater than (m²) 30



  • Push handle that can be adjusted in two steps
  • Storage Setting
  • Freestanding dirt and waste container.
  • Number of side brushes, 1 piece
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