Kärcher K55 Plus Cordless Electric Broom

The Kärcher K2 Compact Car and Home pressure washer is easy to transport and is ideal for all home and vehicle cleaning tasks.



The Plus side of cleaning: the Kärcher K 55 Plus cordless electric broom is ideal for intermediate cleaning and achieves a high level of cleanliness in no time. In addition to the standard brush, the device also includes a special pet hair brush, which removes pet hair effortlessly and effectively from all floors, particularly carpets. The pet hair brush is enclosed in a mesh sleeve, which can simply be removed for cleaning. The hair gets caught on the brush and can be disposed of easily. The standard brush allows sweeping very close to edges, up to a distance of 1 mm. The waste container can be conveniently emptied without the operator coming into contact with the dirt. Thanks to the wall bracket and battery charger, the device is always ready to use. The removable battery can be charged both inside and outside the device. The cordless electric broom can be conveniently switched on and off using the foot switch. The individually adjustable telescoping handle ensures a comfortable posture. At around 2 kg, the device is easy to transport and manoeuvre. The device’s low height means that it can also be used under furniture


Technical data

Cleaning performance per battery charge (m²)
60 100
Operation duration
Working width standard brush (mm)
Working width pet hair brush (mm)
Battery voltage (V)
Weight incl. battery (kg)
Length of telescopic tube (mm)
1000 1250
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
260 x 300 x 96
Voltage (V)
220 240
Frequency Hz

Standard accessories

  • Standard brush, removable
  • Pet hair brush, removable
  • Wall bracket
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Battery charger
Additional information

Additional Information

Key Features

Removable battery
Can be charged inside or outside the device.
Dirt receptacle is easy to remove and refit again
Emptying is quick, easy and hygienic.
No contact with dirt
Height-adjustable telescopic handle with parking position
Allows a comfortable posture as the length is individually adjustable.
Parking position
Device can be comfortably set down for brief pauses.
On/Off foot switch
Easy to switch on and off.
Bending is no longer necessary.
Innovative brush replacement technology
Pet hair brush
Wall bracket with rest for charger

What's in the Box

Electric Broom
user documentation

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